Riad Miah
Untitled WOP 20Untitled WOP 19Untitled WOP 18Untitled WOP 17Untitled WOP 16Untitled WOP 15Untitled WOP 14Untitled WOP 13Untitled WOP 12Untitled WOP 11Untitled WOP 10Untitled WOP 9Untitled WOP 8bUntitled WOP 8Untitled WOP 7Untitled WOP 6Untitled WOP 5Untitled WOP 4Untitled WOP 3Untitled WOP 2Untitled WOP 1Node System IVNode SystemNode System IIINode System II (for DE)A Study of Platonic SolidsDME Drawing- A Study DME Drawing- Natural Formations DME Drawing- Key CodeDME Drawing- Key Code -DetailDME Drawing- Study of ProcessDME Drawing- the space above and belowNode Systems IBotryocampe HexathalamiaUntitled Water Drawing Spumellaria and NassellariaLitharachnium TentoriumDictyoceras Virchowiiallanyanotherbothfewititselfotherthatthem this theywhatwhomyoursBlue and Green Study Study  for Dymaxion IUntitled Study IIUntitled Study IIIDME Drawing #1.cDME Drawing #1.bDME Drawing #1.a
Works on Paper