Riad Miah
Node System IVNode SystemNode System IIINode System II (for DE)A Study of Platonic SolidsDME Drawing- A Study DME Drawing- Natural Formations DME Drawing- Key CodeDME Drawing- Key Code -DetailDME Drawing- Study of ProcessDME Drawing- the space above and belowNode Systems IBotryocampe HexathalamiaUntitled Water Drawing Spumellaria and NassellariaLitharachnium TentoriumDictyoceras Virchowiiallanyanotherbothfewititselfotherthatthem this theywhatwhomyoursBlue and Green Study Study  for Dymaxion IUntitled Study IIUntitled Study IIIDME Drawing #1.cDME Drawing #1.bDME Drawing #1.a
Works on Paper