Riad Miah
Pink Nails It Gestures, Geometry,and Other Signs of LifeGesture and Bottom Feeder IIGestureBlockGesture and Bottom FeederGestures, Geometry,and Other Signs of Life IIEarly Coverage Bottom Feeders and GeometryGestures and GeometryNode System (for DR)Node System (for FL)Node System (for PH)Node System VNode System VINode System VIIINode System VIIProtozoa IIProtozoa IIIProtozoa IProtozoa IVBottom Feeder IIIThe Problem with Math and Science (Phosphorescence)The Problem With Math and ScienceTttTE"O"Icosahedron I Icosahedron IIFor Buckminster Fuller (Geodesic Dome) Dynamic, Maximum, TensionFor Buckminster Fuller IFor Buckminster Fuller IIFor Buckminster Fuller IIIUntitled Fuller for DonnaThe Planar and EdgeWaling and TalkingPD IV No 9
Paintings, 2014-2016