Riad Miah
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Waves of Light - Entwined Through the Tendrils of Time
The installation represents light and atmosphere over a calendar year as observed at the Gardens at Wave Hill. I narrowed the palette to blues. It describes the reflection of the sky and water and how it is perceived. Coincidently both elements are intangible. We can see the blue in the sky and the blue in the water, but neither colors can be held. Additionally, blue/cyan is the color of light when photographed in the brightest part of the day.

The panels are painted on both sides to describe and show compressed time. Each side represents a different speed in the process; one is fast; the other is slow. On one side, a single gesture serves to represent a quicker pace, an instance. The other side has a more gradual method (slower) to the mark-making process. I wanted to describe time and space and see what it looks like together. We live our life in the moment, giving attention to what is needed going about our daily life. It amuses me to know we do so, while the Earth rotates at 1000 miles per hour. I wanted to describe this notion by compressing two types of speeds into one.

The gestures were then cut out from its substrate as a way to isolate individual moments from when they were made. The parts are pieced together. They are segmented and sequenced in which we view the days and weeks of a calendar. Blue-gray represents January, as the color gets more intense then darker, they denote the movement of time and light through the calendar year. Time is a continuum; however, in the life cycle, we compartmentalize it in hours, days, months, and years. Like the constructed calendar of time, my work is separated by moments. Gradation of the color blue represents the change in light. The quality of light changes based on the weather and the atmosphere. The remnants of the painted dura-lar are assembled in gradations of light to dark. The cut assembled residue resembles that of tendrils on various plant life form. Liken to Wave Hill’s gardens, my 12 panels of light and time have created (photosynthesized) these tendril forms that twining themselves up to the ceiling.