Riad Miah
P D III Factor No. 1PD III Factor No. 6PD III Factor No. 2PD III Factor No. 7PD IV No 1( if you play it backwards you could hear...)PD IV No 4PD IV No 5 (touch)PD IV No 6 (Autotroph)PD IV No 6  (Autotoph)PD III Factor No. 8PD IV No 10PD III Factor No. 9PD IV No 11PD IV No 7PD IV No 7PD IV No 8 (for JB)
Paintings -Series IV
I began working on these paintings in 2012. These works were executed by using a circular motif of different configurations. The arrangements are established at the drawing stage of each painting. The use of the compositions came from and is apart of the mark making process. Each mark forms a circle shape. On one level the use of the circular motif is based out of a logical formal approach for making the work, while on the other hand I am interested in the metaphoric implications of the shape. In its simplest of definitions: a circle is a closed curve that divides the plane into two distinct regions, an interior and an exterior. These paintings, it’s mark making properties, the use of color, is a personification of the interior self as I attempt to channel the influences of exterior world, from the mundane to the sensational, from art history to a personal story. Each of these works is a circle that divides two planes: the physical and the felt.